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August 13, 2012

Apple Rumor, Invented By Mischievous Swedes, Goes Totally Viral

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Every week here on The Huffington Post, we run a recurring feature called “This Week In Apple Rumors,” which catalogues and dissects a week’s worth of dubious, thinly-sourced and improbable rumors about future Apple products. These Apple rumors sprout like dandelions in this Edenic Internet garden of ours and are — no matter how absurd, nor how opaque their origins — accepted as gospel by a surprising portion of technology blogs and websites, even if a huge, huge majority of them turn out to be more fake than most $30 bills.

Generally, Apple rumors are proven fake because someone got faulty information, or because Apple decided to go a different direction with a product; in some cases, however, a rumor is out-and-out fiction, an invention of a prankster or fabulist. Case in point: On Monday, Swedish design company Day4 revealed that one of the more notable and ire-raising Apple rumors of the past two weeks was totally, completely and thoroughly made up on a whim, just for laughs. Even worse? Several major tech news outlets picked up on it, and now they all have to issue corrections, apologies and promises to do better next time.

Here’s the story, as laid out in an awesome blog post on Day4′s website: The design team at Day4 wanted to test “how easy it is to spread disinformation” on the Internet, and they decided to use the overeager Apple-watching community as a test dummy. Day4 mocked up a 3D image of a screw — yes, a screw — and then posted that mocked-up screw to Reddit, where they claimed “a friend” who worked at “that fruit company” had emailed them an image of the revolutionary new screw in the upcoming iPhone. The screw in question looked like no other screw that had ever been created, which would have made it nigh impossible for gadget repair shops to remove it or tamper with it using existing tools. If the screw was legitimate, in other words, it would prove that Apple was continuing an ongoing battle against local tech repair companies, having already made the Retina MacBook Pro the “least repairable” laptop ever. Should the next iPhone go that route, too, Apple repair shops might find themselves — are you ready for this? — “screwed.”

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