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October 13, 2012

Anne Hathaway’s ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Role Slotted In Best Actress Category

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Anne Hathaway won’t compete with herself this awards season. As first reported by In Contention, a HitFix blog that covers the Academy Awards, Warner Bros. has decided to run Hathaway in the Best Actress category for her role in “The Dark Knight Rises.” The move leaves Hathaway’s buzzed-about turn in “Les Miserables” as her sole chance for Best Supporting Actress.

The decision is surprising, if only because many considered Hathaway’s performance as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises” the film’s best chance at a supporting acting nomination.

“If there is going to be one, it will most likely be [Hathaway],” wrote prominent Oscar blogger Sasha Stone in response to a HuffPost Entertainment piece speculating on “Dark Knight Rises” acting nomination possibilities. “True, everyone thinks ‘Les Miz’ will be her big Oscar grab, and it probably will be but — that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s still the film’s best shot at an acting nod.”

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