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November 9, 2012

Amherst College Student’s Suicide Note Points Blame At School Administration For Mishandling Sexual Assault

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Editor’s note: HuffPost College is reprinting parts of a suicide note left by an Amherst College student named Trey Malone, who killed himself when he was unable to cope any longer with the sexual assault he had suffered while attending Amherst College. We recognize the sensitive nature of publishing such material, and have done so only after consulting with his family. Malone’s loved ones originally provided the text of the note to The Good Men Project, and we are publishing it with approval from both the website and the Malone family. We publish this because Malone wrote it to educate. The Good Men Project writes that his last words “speak of important issues that go unexamined, important voices that go unheard. He writes to a society that, in the end, couldn’t help him enough. He wanted the things he was saying to be heard, and so, in accordance with that wish, we are publishing his words.” Read the full note on the Good Men Project.

The Amherst College community is reeling in response to two letters published on Monday and Tuesday.

In an open letter to students and staff, Amherst College President Biddy Martin responded to allegations Thursday that she and her administration did little to address or resolve an incident of sexual assault between two students. The charge came in the form of the victim’s suicide note, published Monday on The Good Men Project’s website.

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